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Fair society 
is built on good policy, communicated well.

- Sam Coleman, FRSA

Need a changemaker?
I am here to help.

My Journey

From Game of Thrones,
to Local Government.

Growing up as a working class young carer, I have long had a profound sense of social justice. It is this drive to improve things that has got me to where I am, having won two consecutive District Council elections and delivered on multiple transformative projects and policies in my local community. 

I didn't start in politics, however. In my early 20s I was a TV and Film actor, appearing as 'Young Hodor' in HBO's Game of Thrones amongst other roles. And I have used my creative skillsets to provide services from graphic design, to cinematography for political campaigns that I believe in. It is this background that makes my skillset unique compared to other political advisers and policy writers. 

I know how to communicate an idea, frorm the initial creation process through to the design and execution of the project. Delivering practical advice at every stage.

Sam Coleman and his acting credits

Christine Bayliss, CBECs

"I commissioned Sam to make short social media films to promote admissions at a South London Academy. Sam also developed printed promotional materials with photographs he shot and edited. The social media clips were engaging, effective and widely viewed. The feedback from prospective parents was very positive and the students featured in the video were incredibly pleased to be included. The campaign Sam supported doubled the number of pupils recruited to the academy which was a measure of success. I was grateful for his input. I would recommend Sam for promotional work and creative solutions!"
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